WTO Seeks Comments on Links Between Trade and Deforestation

February 2010: The World Trade Organization (WTO) is providing a discussion forum for stakeholders to present opinions on trade in natural resources, and has invited comments on an article on trade and deforestation.

The World Trade Report is an annual publication that aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues and the multilateral trading system. The theme of the next edition, to be published in July 2010, is “Trade in Natural Resources: Challenges in Global Governance.” In the run-up to the publication of this year's World Trade Report, the WTO is encouraging the submission of short articles on the relationship between international trade and natural resources, such as fish, forestry and fuels, and on the role the WTO could play in encouraging more efficient management of these resources. Contributions will be taken into consideration by the authors of the World Trade Report 2010. [The Discussion Forum]