WTO Public Forum Addresses Climate-Trade Interface

WTO OMC 26 September 2008: Pascal Lamy, World Trade Organization

(WTO) Director-General, addressed the 2008 WTO Public Forum highlighting that

trade in “environmental goods and services, in particular in climate-friendly

technology, can make vital pollution prevention and reduction equipment more

accessible to countries in need; thereby easing the climate crisis.”

The 2008 WTO

Public Forum under the theme “Trading into the Future” met on 25-26


2008 and provided an opportunity for civil society to present its views

to the

WTO and discuss how the trading system may incorporate the needs and

aspirations of the international community.

A session on mutual

supportiveness of trade, climate change and development objectives was

moderated by Fiona Harvey, Financial Times, and

included Pascal Lamy as a speaker. Climate change was also addressed in

a panel

organized by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable


(ICTSD) on “Climate Change, Competitiveness and Trade Policy:

Opportunities and

Challenges for the Future of the Multilateral Trading System.” [WTO

Public Session Programme, Audio and Documents]