WTO Completes Third Review of Aid for Trade Initiative

19 July 2011: The Third Global Review of the Aid for Trade Initiative, organized by the World Trade Organization (WTO), reviewed case stories on the results of the Aid for Trade Initiative in different regions and discussed indicators to measure the impact of the Aid for Trade initiative on economic growth, employment and poverty alleviation, as well as on gender empowerment and environmental sustainability.

The meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18-19 July 2011. In closing the meeting, Pascal Lamy, WTO Director-General, called for deepening coherence with the global agenda of poverty alleviation, social welfare, food security, gender empowerment, climate change adaptation, energy generation and sustainable development.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the interlinkages among climate change, the food and energy crises, water scarcity, health, and gender empowerment. He added that "one solution to these issues will mean a solution for all," explaining that if climate change is addressed "properly, [... ]we can do much better to address all other remaining issues, including these Aid for Trade issues." A report on "Aid for Trade at a Glance 2011: Showing Results" was also presented at the meeting. [Meeting Programme] [Speech by Pascal Lamy] [Speech by Ban Ki-moon] [Publication: Aid for Trade at a Glance 2011: Showing Results] [Third Global Review of the Aid for Trade Initiative Website]