World Meteorological Congress Reappoints WMO Secretary-General

25 May 2011: The World Meteorological Congress reappointed Michel Jarraud for a four-year term as the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Congress also elected David Grimes (Canada) as President, Antonio Divino Moura (Brazil) as First Vice-President, Mieczyslaw Ostojski (Poland) as Second Vice-President, and Abdalah Mokssit (Morroco) as Third Vice-President.

Jarraud has been Secretary-General since 2004. He was appointed Deputy Secretary-General in 1995.  The Secretary-General, President, and Vice-Presidents underscored the priorities for the WMO of promoting the implementation of the Global Framework on Climate Services, strengthening the role of national meteorological and hydrological systems in disaster risk reduction (DRR), and promoting Earth observations.

The 16th World Meteorological Congress is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 16 May-3 June 2011. The Congress meets once every four years to determine a strategic plan, programmes, budget and office holders of the Organization. [WMO Election Press Release] [WMO Secretary-General Press Release] [16th World Meteorological Congress Website]