World Meteorological Conference Opens with Support for Global Framework on Climate Services

17 May 2011: The 16th World Meteorological Conference, which is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 16 May-3 June 2011, will set the priorities and budget for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and consider the proposed Global Framework on Climate Services (GFCS).

The proposed GFCS received strong support from Heads of government and ministers from all around the world at the opening High-level Segment, including from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Framework would make information and climate services available to about 70 developing countries that currently have little climate information. Jan Egeland, Co-Chair of the High-level Taskforce on the GFCS, noted that billions of dollars have been invested in satellites and models, and that the GFCS would help that information reach the most vulnerable countries. The World Meteorological Congress is the Supreme body of the WMO, and convenes once every four years. [WMO Press Release, 16 May] [WMO Press Release, 17 May] [UN Press Release] [World Meteorological Congress Website]