World Climate Conference-3 Agrees to Establish Global Framework for Climate Services

© ENB4 September 2009: The World Climate Conference-3 (WCC-3) convened at the Geneva International Conference Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, from 31 August-4 September 2009, under the theme “Better climate information for a better future.”

WCC-3 was sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and a number of other international bodies, and was attended by more than 2000 participants, including delegates from 165 countries.

During the high-level segment participants approved, by acclamation, a Declaration deciding to establish a Global Framework for Climate Services, to strengthen production, availability, delivery and application of science-based climate prediction services. The Declaration calls on the Secretary-General of the WMO to convene, within four months, an intergovernmental meeting of its member States to approve the terms of reference and endorse the composition of a task force of high-level, independent advisors, to prepare a report on recommendations for proposed elements of the Framework and next steps for developing and implementing it.

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