World Bank to Support Climate Change Resilience in Mozambique

World Bank24 January 2013: The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors has approved a US$87 million grant to support the Government of Mozambique in developing a climate change-resilient economy and to scale-up high impact nutrition interventions. Mozambique's climate change development policy operation seeks to support policy reforms that enable long-term growth and climate-proof development plans.

The World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) grant will provide US$50 million for climate change, and US$37 million for community-based nutrition (CBN) services. According to the World Bank, climatic shocks such as drought, floods and extreme weather events, as well as coastal erosion, are common in Mozambique.

The project will support the implementaton of Mozambique's national climate change strategy and encourage climate-resilient planning and development with a focus on the key sectors, including agriculture, energy, health, nutrition and transport. [World Bank Project Website] [World Bank Press Release] [IDA's Website]