World Bank Supports Low Carbon Workshop in China

World Bank19 July 2012: The World Bank, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Wuhan Urban Construction Finance Office co-organized a workshop in Wuhan, China, to discuss how to reduce China's carbon footprint in an urban setting. 

The “Wuhan Low Carbon Logistics Workshop” took place in Wuhan, a central transportation hub and logistics center in China, and was attended by government officials, experts, and private sector representatives.

Participants addressed: strategies for city planners to build competitive industries while lowering their carbon footprint; and future development of the urban logistics sector, with an emphasis on low-carbon practices as a means for industry growth. The workshop focused on the Lanyan Logistics Base in Wuhan as a case study to create a new logistics hub with a low-carbon development strategy, taking into account carbon emissions, air pollution and fuel consumption. [World Bank Press Release]