World Bank signs first CDM Solid Waste Composting Project in Cairo


1 July 2008:The World Bank signed its first greenhouse gas emission

reductions purchase agreement in Egypt, for a municipal solid waste-composting

project. The facility will feature waste sorting for recovery of recyclables

and aerobic composting of organic waste, reducing the amount of methane and

other greenhouse gases emitted from the landfill site.

It is expected to receive about 1100 tons of

daily municipal waste, which would otherwise go to a landfill. Under the

agreement, the project developer, Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Utilization

(ECARU), will sell 325,480 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emission

reductions to the Carbon Fund for Europe, which is managed by the World Bank. Lasse Ringius, Senior Environmental

Specialist and Operations Team Leader for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), said “ the

ECARU project is the first large-scale composting project that will use

municipal solid waste in which the Bank has entered into an emission reductions

purchase agreement and is a prototype of what could be done in other countries.”[World

Bank Press Release]