World Bank Showcases Climate Financing Results

April 2010: The World Bank's brief on "Multiple Solutions to Address the Climate Change Challenge" highlights that the Bank channelled, during fiscal year 2009, US$9.3 billion in financing for climate-affected sectors. 

The brief highlights that: new Country Assistance Strategies substantively address climate-related issues; low-carbon growth country studies have been undertaken for Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland and South Africa; the Latin America and Caribbean Region has developed a portfolio of approximately 180 activities with adaptation and mitigation co-benefits totaling over US$7 billion; and commitments for the fiscal year 2009, to climate-affected sectors such as agriculture, flood protection, water supply and health have more than tripled the average annual engagement in those sectors across the preceding three fiscal years. In addition, new renewable energy and energy efficiency financing reached US$1.3 billion, more than doubling the previous fiscal year's investment [Multiple Solutions to Address the Climate Change Challenge]