World Bank Publishes Report on Cities and Climate Change

3 December 2010: The World Bank has published a report on “Cities and Climate Change: An Urgent Agenda” discussing the link between climate change and cities, and explaining why cities should be concerned about climate change and adopt early preventative policies.

The report underscores that, with over half of the people in the world now living in urban areas, up to 80% of the expected US$80 billion to US$100 billion per year in climate change adaptation costs will likely be borne by urban areas. It notes the world's 50 largest cities alone have a combined population of 500 million people and are estimated to emit about 2,606 million tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The report outlines a climate-smart way forward for cities, focusing on cooperative efforts, such as the recent Mexico City Pact and the C40 large cities association, and highlights how through cooperative work cities are able to move faster and more comprehensively in addressing climate change. [The Report]