World Bank, IDB and ADB Sponsor Meeting on Transforming Transportation to Address Climate Change

15 January 2010: The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), among others, co-sponsored an event titled "Transforming transportation 2010," which took place in Washington DC, US, on 14-15 January 2010.

The second day of the event addressed the issue "Next Steps After Copenhagen" and looked at how the transport sector will be affected by, and may contribute to, the post-2012 climate change regime. Key messages from the event include that: climate change mitigation efforts need to address emissions from the transport sector in developing countries to reach global emission reduction goals; decision making in the transport sector needs to consider multiple policy objectives, not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also adaptation, and economic and social development; and, as a large and fast-growing source of carbon emissions, the transport sector should have access to financing under international climate change agreements, in order to spur mitigation activities. [Meeting Website]