World Bank Holds Agriculture and Rural Development Days

25 March 2011: The World Bank organized its 2011 Agriculture and Rural Development Days (ARD) under the theme "Understanding Volatility and Managing Risk."

Panel discussions were held on a number of topics, with several panelists addressing climate-related issues and sustainable agricultural production. For example, a panel on innovations and challenges in agriculture and rural development in the East Asia and Pacific region provided an overview of mitigation challenges and prospects for the livestock sector, and on climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resources management in the Philippines.

A session on the Africa-Brazil Innovation Marketplace also addressed the design of response options for adaptation to climate change in Latin America. In addition, a training session on Climate Smart Agriculture allowed participants to learn about the key elements of Climate-Smart Agriculture, appropriate agricultural water management response measures for countries with risks of water shortage, and carbon accounting tool for assessing the carbon foot print of natural resources operation. Other panels addressed non-traditional approaches to addressing risk and vulnerability in agriculture. All presentations are available online. [World Bank ARD Days]