World Bank Helps Azerbaijan Reduce Gas Flaring

World Bank23 March 2012: The World Bank has announced that its Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) partnership has supported Azerbaijan in reducing their gas flaring emissions by half since 2008, avoiding the waste of a quarter billion cubic meters of natural gas and greatly improving the environmental performance of its oil producing activities.

GGFR specialists helped Azerbaijan's national oil company SOCAR shape the company's policy on recovering petroleum gas, with Bent Svensson, GGFR's program manager, saying the resulting gas recovery plan "identifies the fields where gas flaring is happening, how much gas is flared or vented, technical options for utilization, investment needs and timeline for implementation." When fully implemented, Azerbaijan's new associated gas recovery plan will put 1.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas to productive use in five years. [World Bank Press Release]