World Bank Consultations on Development and Climate Change Continue

Global Consultations - Development and Climate Change: A Strategic Framework for the World Bank Group September 2008: Global consultations for the development of

a “Strategic Framework on Development and Climate Change for the World Bank

Group” continue receiving comments online from civil society, until 15

September 2008.

The draft paper on Development and Climate Change is posted

both in English and Spanish, together with an interactive overview of the

document. Country consultations were held in the US and India (4 September) and

Bolivia (9 September); and will take place in Sri Lanka on 15 September 2008.

The paper will be finalized and presented to the World Bank Board of Directors

on 23 September, taking into consideration comments received during this phase

of consultations. The final document will be submitted to the Development

Committee during the IMF/World Bank Group Annual Meeting in October 2008. [Link]