World Bank Civil Society Forum and Climate Investment Fund Meetings to Convene

© World BankApril 2009: The World Bank Climate Investment Funds (CIF) will hold a civil society self-selection process for observer seats on two CIF committees (Clean Technology Fund and Strategic Climate Fund) and one sub-committee (Pilot Program for Climate Resilience). The NGO RESOLVE will lead the selection process on 24 April, on the occasion of the Civil Society Policy Forum to be held in Washington DC, US, from 23-26 April 2009.

In other CIF news, the meetings of the Climate Technology Fund (CTF), Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) and Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) Trust Fund Committee and Sub-Committee Meetings will be held the week of 11 May 2009, at the same venue. In addition, the dates for the Third Design Meeting of the Forest Investment Program (FIP) have been advanced to 4-5 May 2009, also in Washington, DC, US. [World Bank Civil Society Forum] [CIF website] [FIP design meeting]