World Bank and WHO Representatives to Address Conference on Adaptation in Developing Countries

November 2008: The Second Conference on Adaptation to

Climate Change in Developing Countries will convene on 25 November 2008, in The

Hague, the Netherlands. Plenary speakers will include representatives from the

World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as decision makers

from the EU and developing countries.

The event will bring together

approximately 200 participants and will seek to provide information on the

current status of UN climate negotiations. The conference is being organized by

the Klimaatbureau, which coordinates a network of over 40 Dutch

non-governmental organizations (NGOs), with input from the private sector,

other NGOs, and scientific institutions. The agenda focuses on operationalizing

adaptation in developing countries, and is comprised of two rounds of

workshops, a public debate, and a plenary session. [Conference Website]