World Bank’s Effectiveness in the Environment Evaluated

World Bank's Effectiveness in the Environment Evaluated 22 July 2008: The Independent Evaluation Group, an

independent unit within the World Bank that reports directly to the Bank's

Board of Executive Directors, has released its report evaluating

the effectiveness of World Bank Group (WBG) support to the environment from

1990 to 2007.

The Report recommends that the

WBG increase attention to environmental sustainability by ensuring that

environmental issues enter fully into discussions of its strategic directions

and in regional and country assistance programs. The report ‘Environmental

Sustainability: An Evaluation of World Bank Group Support' notes the WBG is now

the largest multilateral source of environment-related financing, including the

administration of Global Environment Facility grants, and an important source

of advice to many country and private sector clients. Among its findings, the Independent

Evaluation Group highlighted insufficient attention to longer-term sustainable

development, and the need to put in place more adequate systems to monitor

environmental outcomes and to assess impacts across the World Bank, International

Finance Corporation (IFC), and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

The assessment relied significantly on country case studies, undertaken in

2006, to explore the influence of various instruments on the environment. Other

recommendations suggest the WBG should: move to more cross-sectoral and

spatially oriented approaches to environmental support and strengthen staff

skills; improve the Bank Group's ability to assess its support for the

environment and to monitor and evaluate the impacts of its environment-related

interventions; and improve coordination among the Bank, IFC and MIGA, and between

the World Bank Group and external partners (both public and private) ensuring

consistent and effective implementation at the corporate and country levels. [Environmental Sustainability; An

Evaluation of the World Bank Group]