Workshop on Challenges for Timber Markets Discusses Trade Measures

24 March 2010: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Economic Research and Statistics Division of the World Trade Organization (WTO) organized a workshop titled “Emerging Trade Measures in Timber Markets” on 23 March 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over 100 representatives from government, industry, trade associations, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and academia discussed trade and trade-related measures that affect timber markets. Among other things, participants discussed the impacts of subsidies on renewable energy consumption, based on woody biomass, on different stakeholders within the forest sector. Participants also discuss the roles of measures designed to fight against illegal logging and certification schemes, and the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures number 15 (ISPM 15) concerning wood packaging material was presented, in connection with the WTO agreement on the application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures. [UNECE Press Release]