WMO World Climate Conference to Establish a Framework on Climate Services

13feb0-WCC3_girl_planet_small-tnFebruary 2009: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) World Climate Conference-3 (WCC3), titled “Climate prediction and information for decision-making,” will take place from 31 August – 4 September 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland. The event will focus on services that enable decision-makers to better manage the climate opportunities and risks associated with extreme climate conditions and allow communities to improve their ability to adapt to long-term climate change.

The two previous World Climate Conferences, held in 1979 and 1990, constituted landmark events in bringing the world's attention to climate issues. The third WCC is building on improved understanding of the climate system and advances in the science of climate prediction.

WCC3 will establish an international framework to guide the development of climate services that will link science-based climate predictions and information with climate-risk management and adaptation to climate variability and change throughout the world. The Conference is also expected to provide direction to address climate-related risks, such as droughts, floods, extreme cold, heat waves, famine and outbreaks of certain diseases, which, as well as threatening lives, affect health and the availability of essential needs such as food, water and energy. [WCC3 website]