WMO Workshop Addresses Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation to Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

WMO Workshop Addresses Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation to Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 18 November 2008: The Workshop on Climate Change Impacts and

Adaptation to Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the National and Regional

Levels, jointly co-organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),

the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Southeast Climate Consortium

(SECC) of the US, opened on 18 November 2008 in Orlando, Florida, US, and will

conclude on 21 November.

The workshop is being organized in conjunction with

the meeting of the WMO Implementation/Coordination Team on Climate

Change/Variability and Natural Disasters in Agriculture (WMO Agricultural

Meteorology Programme). It aims to bring together experts in the area of

climate change impacts and adaptation for agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

Workshop participants will present state-of-the-art papers on real world

applications and innovative techniques for climate change adaptation and

develop recommendations for producing and using weather and climate information

for planning and implementing effective climate change adaptation strategies at

the national and regional levels.

Specific objectives of the workshop include:

characterizing the contributions of climate change and climate variability to

risks in the management of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; appraisal and

reporting on current capabilities in the analysis of climate change and

variability specifically as they relate to and affect agriculture, forestry,

and fisheries at the national and regional levels; reviewing the status of

climate change scenarios and research on climate variability at the national

level and summarizing them at a regional scale to support the formulation of

adaptation strategies for agricultural areas; reviewing the information and

decision aids based on the use of seasonal climate forecasts, historical

climate data and other climate analyses that help decision-makers identify

management options to reduce risk and increase profits, identify deficiencies

in applications of long-range predictions for agriculture and make

recommendations for improving the technology for the benefit of agriculture at

the national and regional levels; and developing recommendations on the

partnerships needed to build socially equitable extension and outreach

programmes for farmers, forest and fisheries managers, and policy makers to

enhance users' familiarity with the new seasonal climate forecasts and decision

aids, and to provide mechanisms for users to give feedback to researchers.

Proceedings of the workshop will be published by the WMO, USDA and SECC and

widely distributed to promote wider applications of climate change adaptation

strategies in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. [Workshop

Website] [WMO

Agricultural Meteorology Programme]