WMO to Receive Real-Time Carbon Dioxide Data from Switzerland

World Meteorological Organization 20 November 2008: A World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch programme will receive new data on carbon dioxide from a new laser device installed in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

The device will help scientists determine the source of carbon dioxide,

a major greenhouse gas, on a real-time basis. Until now, climatologists

tracking carbon dioxide levels in high alpine regions have had to rely

on individual samples painstakingly gathered and tested in distance

laboratories. The laser new instrument provides up-to-the-minute data

on what is happening in the troposphere, the lowest atmospheric layer,

over Switzerland.

The Global Atmosphere Watch programme promotes

systematic and reliable observations of the global atmospheric

environment, including studies of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon

dioxide and other long-lived greenhouse gases. [WMO Global Atmosphere Watch] [WMO Press Release] [Global Atmosphere Watch Programme at the Jungfraujoch High-Alpine Research Station]