WMO Secretariat Submits Draft Ministerial Statement for the World Climate Conference-3

World Climate Conference-3 - Climate prediction and information for decision-making September 2008: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Secretariat submitted, at the second meeting of the International Conference

Organizing Committee on 3-5 September 2008, in Geneva, Switzerland, the draft

notes for a ministerial statement to be adopted at the World Climate


In this document, the WMO Secretariat highlights that the risks

associated with climate variability and change pose a major threat to society

and environment of an unknown magnitude, and could jeopardize the social and

economic development, especially of vulnerable communities and countries. The

Secretariat then identifies the need to advance climate prediction and

information services and, particularly, to initiate a process that would

facilitate improvements.

The WMO Secretariat also calls for urgently mobilizing

adequate resources to enable the developing and least developed countries to

improve human resources and infrastructures required for the provision and

application of climate prediction and information services. It notes that

consideration should be made for funding facilities to support activities aimed

at improving data gathering, developing human resources, enhancing

multi-sectoral research to develop sector-targeted climate products,

integrating climate information into national policies and enhancing the

abilities of the rural communities to use climate information.

In addition, the

draft notes contain a list of actions to reduce the risks associated with

climate variability and change, which are broadly defined as: improving the

provision, accuracy and relevance of climate predictions and early warnings on

all times scales; improving the ability of governments, societies and

institutions to access, interpret and apply climate prediction and information

services together with early warnings for the benefit of society; and improving

systems to support responses to climate predictions and early warnings. The

World Climate Conference-3, including its High-level segment, will take place

from 31 August-4 September 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland. [WMO

draft notes for ministerial statement] [World

Climate Conference-3]