WMO Posts Media Kit for WCC-3

© WWC30 June 2009: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has posted a media kit in preparation for the third World Climate Conference (WCC-3), to be held from 31 August-4 September 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland, which will seek to initiate a Global Framework for Climate Services to boost climate adaptation.

The Framework consists of four main components: a renewed commitment to climate observations and the free and open availability of data; strengthened focus on climate modelling and prediction research; a new Climate Services Information System; and a new Climate Services Application Programme. The Framework aims to build capacity and support the application of climate services in developing countries. These climate services will provide decision makers in key socioeconomic sectors with the information needed for climate-resilient development.

The media kit, which is available in the six UN official languages, includes: a letter to the media from the WMO Secretary-General; sponsor information; WCC-3 programme; World Climate Broadcasts Forum; frequently asked questions; and WCC-3 fact sheets. [The Media Kit][WMO Press Release]