WMO Holds Symposium on Universal Thermal Climate Index

© WMO16 April 2009: A symposium on the development of the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) was held from 15-16 April 2009, at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The event focused on findings and accomplishments of the EU Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research (COST) Action 730 on UTCI.

The symposium, co-sponsored by COST and WMO, brought together an international group of scientists to review progress, identify remaining challenges and plan for further development of the concept of the Index. The UTCI will assist countries in providing improved information to their public and key decision makers on the thermal environment and implications of dangerous thermal conditions. This information aims to contribute to individual, corporate and institutional capability to better adapt to climate variability and change. [WMO press release] [COST Action 730 on UTCI]