WMO GHG Bulletin Highlights New High of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin - November 201121 November 2011: The latest edition of the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Bulletin describes the new high of GHG in the atmosphere in 2010 since pre-industrial time, and notes an acceleration in the rate of increase.

The report notes a 29% increase in radiative forcing with carbon dioxide accounting for 80% of the increase. The report provides special attention to a rise in nitrous oxide concentrations. Nitrous oxide is the third most important GHG, with its rise mostly based on the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers. The WMO coordinates the observation of GHG in the atmosphere through the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme, with data collected in more than 50 countries. The data are hosted by the WMO's World Data Centre for GHG, which is hosted by the Japan Meteorological Agency. This edition of the GHG Bulletin is the seventh in the series that reports on the atmospheric burdens and rates of change of the most important and long-lived GHGs. [WMO Press Release] [WMO GHG Bulletin] [UN Press Release]