WMO Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons Opens in Beijing

World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)

20 October 2008: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons is taking place from 20–25 October

2008, in Beijing, China. The workshop is part of the WMO major quadrennial

symposia and workshops series under the World Weather Research Programme


As a WWRP activity, the event will follow the guidance of the WMO

Commission for Atmospheric Sciences to emphasize research for the reduction of

disaster risks through improved forecasts of high-impact weather. The workshop

will be held jointly with the Second Pan-World Climate Research Programme

Monsoon Workshop. The activities will also include the Workshop on Operational

Monsoon Research and Forecast Issues sponsored by the WMO Education and

Training Department.

These workshops provide a forum for researchers and

forecasters to discuss recent advances and current issues relevant to the

forecast of high-impact weather such as torrential rainfall and tropical

cyclones in the world's monsoon regions, and a means to transfer new science

and technology to National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in these

regions. The event will include invited and contributed papers, and discussion

sessions on international collaboration on research and forecast of high-impact

weather in monsoon regions. At the end of the event, a report including the

reviews, discussions and recommendations will be used to update the WMO

Technical Document “Global Monsoon System: Research and Forecast,” which was

prepared following the Third International Workshop on Monsoons in 2004. [Workshop