WMO Executive Council Meeting Opens

8 June 2010: The annual meeting of the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) opened in Geneva, Switzerland, on 8 June 2010, to review progress made in the provision of critical weather, water and climate services and to optimize its programmes in a changing world.

The meeting, which will conlcude on 18 June, will address, inter alia: progress made towards the establishment of a Global Framework for Climate Services, in line with the decision taken by World Climate Conference-3 (WCC-3); the outcomes and follow-up of the first Conference of Ministers responsible for meteorology in Africa, which was held in April in Nairobi, Kenya; and “best practices” and new developments in multi-hazards early warning systems.

The Council will also discuss major modelling efforts being planned and coordinated by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) as input to the fifth assessment cycle of the IPCC. The Council is expected to support speeding up the transfer between climate research results and services in order to address the urgent needs of regional and national climate prediction systems. [WMO Press Release] [Climate Change Policy & Practice Story on the First Meeting of the High-Level Taskforce for Climate Services] [Climate Change Policy & Practice Story on the First Conference of Ministers Responsible for Meteorology in Africa]