WMO Executive Council Addresses Climate Adaptation

World Meteorological Organization


June 2008: The Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),

during its annual session held in Geneva from 18-27 June 2008, agreed on ways

of improving climate, weather, water and environmental predictions and further

advancing global observing systems.


Council endorsed the concept of seamless climate, weather, water and

environmental prediction research to enable improved and new products,

information and services for managing risks associated with climate change and

variability, and for developing adaptation and mitigation plans worldwide. A

major focus will be on delivery of these new information and services for

region-specific decisions and solutions for food production, water resources

management, environment, health, transportation and energy. In particular, the

Council called on the WMO co-sponsored World Climate Research Programme to

focus on the development of regional downscaling techniques for seasonal and

interannual climate models. In addition, the Council endorsed the plan to

establish the first WMO designated Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) in 2009.

They will provide a crucial link between global and national scale climate

information, and help develop improved climate predictions and assessments to support

adaptation to climate variability and change. The Council also welcomed the

development of a WMO initiative to support adaptation to climate variability

and change. The purpose of this initiative will be to “to strengthen

coordination and enhance the provision of user-oriented climate information,

products, advisories and services and to thereby support national and regional

climate risk assessment, climate adaptation planning and implementation

practices for sustainable development.” Further, the Council strongly endorsed

WMO activities for disaster risk reduction and agreed on actions towards

further improvements in the generation, exchange and availability of data and

information for climate monitoring and prediction, particularly through the

Global Climate Observing System. The next session of the Executive Council will

be held from 3-12 June 2009. [WMO Press