WMO Develops New Global Satellite Strategy to Monitor Climate Change

World_meteorological_organizationThe World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is developing a new vision for using dozens of satellites to monitor climate change and weather.

This strategy for an updated space-based Global Observing System will be discussed at a high-level WMO meeting, attended by the world's space agencies, in New Orleans, USA, on 15-16 January 2008.

The annual WMO Consultative Meetings on High-level Policy on Satellite Matters will be attended by top officials of space agencies contributing to global Earth observations on research and operational bases. The meeting has been organized, in part, for the agencies to discuss WMO's new vision for its Global Observing System, setting priorities for the next generation of satellites needed to monitor weather and climate change and related applications. The meeting will also discuss a roadmap to transfer current experimental satellite missions into ongoing operational programmes.