WMO Cooperates in Olympic Games Forecasts

WMO Members cooperate for Beijing 2008 weather forecasts 5 August 2008: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

is coordinating efforts by the government of China and the organization of the

Games during the Beijing Olympics to provide timely and accurate weather

predictions and characterization of associated risk, which are critical to the


The two Chinese satellites Fengyun-1 and Fengyun-2 are

already included in the WMO's Global Observing System, and China has committed

to provide the direct read-out service to all WMO members of the Fengyun-3A

satellite, the first of its new generation of polar-orbiting meteorological

satellites. The WMO Global Observing System aims to meet the observation needs

of all WMO programmes dealing with weather, climate, water and disaster

prevention and mitigation, as well as WMO-supported initiatives such as the

World Climate Research Programme and the Global Climate Observing System.

During the Summer Olympic Games, WMO coordinates the use by the host nation and

several WMO members of these observations to deploy numerical forecast models

to improve prediction of high-impact weather in the vicinity of the Games'

venues on time-scales of minutes to days. [WMO press release, 5 August 2008]