WMO Commission for Hydrology to Review Climate Change and Water Activities

World Meteorological Organization 4 November 2008: The 13th session of the World

Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Hydrology opened on 4 November

2008 at WMO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and will conclude on 12

November. The Commission for Hydrology shapes the water-related activities of

the WMO, and addresses issues related to the basic hydrological observation

network, water resources assessment, flood forecasting and management,


ty to climate variability and change, and promotes exchange of

technology and capacity building. The Commission meets every four years, the

twelfth session having been held at the same venue in October 2004. At its 13th

session, the Commission will review ongoing activities and make decisions on

issues including those related to climate change and water. In this regard, the

Commission will consider its role within a WMO initiative to support adaptation

to climate variability and change through strengthening the role and capacity

of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, particularly in

developing and Least Developed Countries.

It will also discuss its contribution

to the World Climate Conference in 2009 and to WMO activities on climate

science, assessment, monitoring and early warning as a crosscutting area within

the UN system. In addition to climate issues, the Commission will address the

WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative and the proposed HelpDesk for flood

management. [Meeting