WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology Sets Quadrennial Priorities

WMO16 April 2014: The Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) has determined its priorities for the upcoming four years. The Commission intends to focus on: increasing human and financial resources; building capacity; and encouraging cooperation among meteorologists and the agricultural sector.

The Commission met in Antalya, Turkey, from 10-15 April 2014, for its 16th session (CAgM-16). Its agenda included considering the conclusions of the International Conference for Promoting Weather and Climate Information for Agriculture and Food Security, held immediately prior to CAgM-16. Discussions at the Conference covered, inter alia: reducing water intensity of crop production; making agriculture both climate-resilient and climate-friendly; and addressing the limitations of current weather and climate services for the agricultural sector.

Noting that agricultural, hydrological and natural systems are under threat from climate change, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Assistant Secretary-General Elena Manaenkova outlined how forecasting services can assist farmers in planning and preparing for natural disasters. She stressed the ability of "accurate and timely prediction of potential natural hazards" to reduce agricultural impacts and vulnerability.

The Commission also re-elected its President, Byong-Lyol Lee, for another term. CAgM is one of the eight technical commissions of the WMO. Its responsibilities include reviewing scientific and technical information, cooperating with relevant international bodies, and proposing standards, methods and procedures. [WMO Press Release] [CAgM Webpage] [CAgM-16 Agenda]