WMO Co-organizes Workshop on Climate Product Generation, User Liaison and Training in Polar Regions

11 September 200

8: A workshop on climate product generation,

user liaison and training in Polar Regions, co-organized under the World

Meteorological Organization's (WMO) project on Climate Information and

Prediction Services (CLIPS) by the World Climate Research Programme and the

Committee for International Polar Year, took place from 8-11 September 2008, in

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Workshop


The event brought together climate and user

representatives with interests in Polar Regions to: share information and

identify requirements for climate information, products and services; engage in

awareness and technical training; and evaluate options for sustained

international efforts to serve the climate-related needs of Polar Regions such

as a Polar Climate Outlook Forum.

The specific themes of the workshop programme

included: international climate science programmes relevant to the Polar

climate; climate variability and change in Polar Regions; climate products and

services for Polar users; and climate-related needs of people in Polar Regions

as well as development and communication of information, products and services.