WMO Bulletin Focuses on Weather and Climate Challenges to Transportation

© WMOMay 2009: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has published the April edition of its Bulletin, which focuses on meteorological services for transportation. The feature articles discuss the challenges of weather, climate and climate change for the transportation sector, including services and infrastructure of the aviation industry and road, rail and marine transport.

Transportation is sensitive not only to weather but also to the climate and, particularly, climate change. Under the various warming world scenarios the climatology of relevant extreme events might change. Therefore, policy makers need knowledge on how the infrastructure should be built to best handle future climate change and weather events. In this regard, one of the articles in the Bulletin, drawing on an extensive study conducted by the US Government, reports on the impacts climate change is likely to have on the transportation sector in the US. It considers the impact of change in extreme weather events on individual travel decisions, as well as on the built infrastructure that supports transport. In addition, articles of the Bulletin address the weather sensitivity of the aviation industry, the use of climate and weather information available on Internet and other topics. [WMO Bulletin]