WMO Africa Meeting Outlines Priorities for National Meteorological Services

8 November 2010: The World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) Regional Association for Africa met from 1-8 November 2010, in Marrakesh, Morocco, to discuss how African national meteorological and hydrological services and regional centers can deliver services supporting national and regional development goals, including better climate predictions and climate change adaptation assessments.

The conference brought together representatives from 37 African member States, who noted that a severe weather forecasting system has been introduced in 16 southern African countries and that a similar pilot project will be launched in 2011 in East Africa. The meeting agreed on the need to strengthen hydrological structures and regional cooperation to adapt to climate impacts on water sources. Countries also underscored the need to enhance the operational capacities of national organizations to improve availability and application of tools. The conference is held once every four years. [WMO Press Release]