WHO Releases ‘Vision 2030′ on Water Supply, Sanitation and Climate Change

May 2010: The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a CD-ROM titled "Vision 2030: The resilience of water supply and sanitation in the face of climate change," which aims to increase understanding of how anticipated climate change may affect drinking water and sanitation systems. It also outlines possible actions to optimize resilience of infrastructure and services.

Produced together with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Vision 2030 highlights key conclusions such as: the existence of significant overall benefits to health and development in adapting to climate change; the need for major changes in policy and planning to ensure optimal utilization of ongoing and future investments; the need to integrate resilience into drinking water and sanitation management to cope with present climate variability; and the urgent need for targeted research to fill gaps in technology and basic information, to develop simple tools, and to provide regional information on climate change.

The CD-ROM includes: a full technical report, as well as detailed reports on climate change and technology projections, and a review of resilience and adaptive capacity, including a series of technology-by-technology fact sheets. [CD-ROM Website and Report Summaries] [Summary of the Full Report]