WFP Launches Tree-Planting Initiative in Tajikistan

7 April 2010: The World Food Programme (WFP) has launched a tree-planting initiative in Tajikistan, which aims to secure a future source of food for the hungry poor, as well as offset some of WFP's carbon footprint. In two food-insecure areas of Tajikistan, the west and in the eastern Rasht Valley, WFP has given 800 families 40 trees each of the following varieties: apricot, pomegranate, cherry, mulberry, almond, pistachio and pine.

In three years, when the trees become productive, the families will have fruit to each and to sell at the market. The trees planted will also offset the carbon footprint of the vehicles used in WFP food assistance operations. In the east, WFP is partnering with the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in 50 secondary schools in a learning and environmental awareness programme. Some 10,000 secondary students have been given one tree each, and are responsible for making the tree grow, thereby learning about the role of trees in preventing soil erosion. [WFP Press Release]