Web-based Tool for Climate Prediction in Developing Countries to Contribute to WMO Activities

Climate Information Tool Kit (CLIK)

12 March 2009: An online climate prediction service was recently launched by the Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) Climate Center (APCC) in the Republic of Korea to help climate forecasters and researchers worldwide and to facilitate climate prediction in developing countries. APCC contributes to WMO activities and seasonal predictions, including regular updates on the state of El Niño/La Niña.

The online Climate Information Tool Kit (CLIK) is designed to aid users in retrieving and using climate prediction data and information available from APCC data servers in a user-friendly manner. Climate forecasters, disaster managers and researchers anywhere in the world can log on to this service to generate customized climate predictions on seasonal to inter-annual timescales for their regions of interest. The software can contribute to early warning and management of climate-related disasters, particularly in developing countries. [WMO Press Release] [APCC Website] [CLIK]