WBCSD and IUCN Report Highlights Agriculture’s Dilemma between Food Security, Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation

Understanding agriculture's dilemma between food security and conservation – new publication


2008: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and IUCN

have published a report entitled “Agricultural Ecosystems, Facts and Trends.”

The Report presents facts and figures on trends in agricultural production and

consumption to help governments, farmers, consumers and industry better

understand the challenges facing the sustainable management of agricultural

ecosystems, such as meeting demands from a fast-growing world population,

adapting to climate change impacts, and managing the natural resources of an

increasingly depleted planet.


climate change, the report notes that while agriculture is directly affected by

changing temperatures, rainfall and the spread of invasive species, it is also

a major source of greenhouse gas emissions originating from fertilizer use,

livestock and wetland rice production, burning of agricultural residues, or

conversion of long-term grassland. According to the report, the challenge is

thus “to adapt agriculture fast enough to a changing climate, and to shift

production practices to reduce and preferably mitigate the carbon footprint of

the food production system.” [WBCSD press release] [The report]