US Provides Grant for ECPA Senior Fellows Program

21 March 2012: The US State Department has awarded a grant to continue a program for experts to act as consultants and speakers on energy and climate change policy issues in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) on behalf of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA).

The grant for the ECPA Senior Fellows Program, to be administered by the Washington, DC, based nongovernmental organization network known as Partners of the Americas, will support sending 22 experts from American academia, the private sector and non-profit organizations to LAC countries to work with governments, civil society and universities to discuss energy policy and climate change impacts in the region, share best practice and technical expertise, and generally foster multilateral cooperation on these issues.

Begun in 2010 soon after the official launch of the ECPA, the Senior Fellows Program sends experts throughout LAC to work on cooperative projects in seven areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, cleaner fossil fuels, energy poverty, infrastructure, sustainable landscapes, and adaptation. [Press Release]