US Hosts Global Shale Gas Conference

24 August 2010: As part of its effort to promote global energy security and climate security around the world, the US Department of State's Coordinator for International Energy Affairs hosted the first multilateral conference under the Global Shale Gas Initiative (GSGI) on 23-24 August 2010.

Seventeen countries attended the conference to discuss the importance of shale gas as a lower-carbon fuel option and its contribution to ensuring energy security and economic development in the 21st century. The conference aimed to provide an opportunity to share regulatory experience and help selected countries understand their shale gas potential and the related government responsibilities. In a press briefing, David Goldwyn, State Department Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, stressed the links between shale gas and security issues for countries in Europe and Asia, and noted coordination of the initiative with the Energy and Climate Partnership of Americas. [Meeting Announcement] [Press Briefing]