US Governors to Convene Governors’ Global Climate Summit

Governors' Global Climate Summit November 2008: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other US governors are co-hosting the Governors' Global Climate Summit, which will convene in Los Angeles, California, US, from 18-19 November 2008. In addition to government and sub-national “climate leaders” from, inter alia, China, India, the US, Brazil, Mexico and Canada, participants will include representatives from non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector.

The Summit aims to: provide an opportunity for states and provinces to cooperate in reducing emissions and grow green economies; agree on a Summit Declaration on climate solutions; and discuss the outlook for a comprehensive global agreement on climate solutions that prevents the world from passing the “tipping point,” as described by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The summit will feature discussions on monitoring and reporting of climate change emissions, the sectoral approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with sector-specific breakout sessions, and a report by government leaders on the global response to climate change. During the event, Indonesia and Brazilian states will sign agreements with American states to work cooperatively to promote and develop joint programmes on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD). [Summit Website]