US, Australia to Cooperate on Fisheries and Climate Change

15 September 2011: During the ceremony held to mark the 60th anniversary of the US-Australia Alliance, the two parties charted a course for the future of the partnership as an “anchor of the Asia-Pacific.” The resulting joint statement addresses climate change, environmental sustainability, fisheries, food security, and other issues of concern to the region.

The ceremony took place in San Francisco, US, on 15 September 2011. According to the joint statement, the US and Australia commit to, inter alia: build on enhanced coordination and respective strategic consultations with Indonesia on climate change; continue and expand joint efforts to encourage environmental sustainability and address the impacts of climate change, in partnership with Pacific Island countries (PICs); support the protection of the region's fisheries, enhance maritime monitoring, control, surveillance and enforcement capacity, and build on existing initiatives to strengthen the management of fisheries resources, and to deliver equitable and sustainable outcomes for PICs; and develop opportunities for collaboration in East Asia, particularly in the lower Mekong region, to advance food security and address the impacts of climate change. [US Press Release]