UNWTO Conference Stresses Role of Tourism in a Green Economic New Deal for Asia Pacific

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT) 22 December 2008: The Second UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Conference on Tourism Trends and Outlook for the Asia Pacific took place from 17-19 December 2008, in Guilin, China, and gathered over 100 experts from 25 countries.

Delegates concluded that tourism in the Asia Pacific region is feeling

the impact of the economic slowdown, but can be play a vital role in a

long term green economic new deal. Participants also stressed the need

to look at the longer term and position tourism against the global

challenges such as poverty and climate change.

Geoffrey Lipman, UNWTO Assistant Secretary General, stated that

“there is no better sector for this green economy approach than

tourism,” urging the alignment of tourism with evolving norms on

climate and development. He called for building “a quadruple bottom

line sustainability” - economic, social, environment and climate

balance- into the sector's supply and demand chain. [UNWTO Press Release] [Conference Website]