UNU: Senegal’s President Discusses Climate Change at Fifteenth U Thant Lecture

President Wade delivering the 15th U Thant Lecture at UNU. </p><p>Photo Credit: Curtis Christophersen/UNU.


July 2008: President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal delivered the fifteenth U Thant Distinguished Lecture on the theme “Climate Change and African Initiatives.” The

lecture, part of the U Thant lecture series co-organized by the UN University

(UNU), the UNU Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Science Council of

Japan, was held at the UNU headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. President Wade spoke

on climate change, and specifically on how African-led initiatives, such as the

African Union's Great Green Wall of the Sahara, can contribute to combating

desertification. [UNU Media

Release] [Webcast]