UNU Hosts Japan Iceland Geothermal Forum

19 November 2010: The UN University-hosted "Japan Iceland Geothermal Forum 2010" focused on: the potential for geothermal energy both technically and financially to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and address climate change; the cooperation possibilities between Japan and Iceland, including development and financing; the challenges of geothermal use; the possibilities for further development of geothermal technologies; the role of governments in development of geothermal energy; and the strengths of the Japanese and Icelandic models.

At the 16 November 2010 event, which convened at UNU headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Össur Skarphéðinsson, Iceland Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, highlighted the similarities between Japan and Iceland as geothermal countries, noting the potential role of geothermal energy in future global energy production. He explained that the deep drilling technology currently being developed in Iceland has the potential to further increase power yields in unexplored regions such as East Africa. The event was co-organized by the Embassy of Iceland in Tokyo, the Japan Energy Association, the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and the Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Society. [UNU Website] [Japan Iceland Geothermal Forum 2010 Website]