UNU-EHS Meeting Focuses on Risk Reduction and Climate Adaptation in Coastal Zones

30 July 2012: The ninth meeting of the UN University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) Expert Working Group on Measuring Vulnerability focused on the theme “Development pathways for urban and rural coastal zones.” Participants from France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, the US, the UK and Viet Nam addressed climate change adaptation and risk reduction in coastal zones.

Meeting participants discussed present and future development pathways for urban and rural coastal zones in Indonesia, and evaluated their consequences of climate change adaptation and risk accumulation.

The meeting included a write shop on: the development of future scenarios for vulnerability and risk; the limits of adaptation; and the role of ecosystem services in coastal zones and between urban and rural areas.

The meeting included a field trip to Jakarta's low-lying coastal areas, where participants observed multiple challenges for climate change adaptation and risk reduction, including land subsidence, natural hazards, sea level rise and social vulnerability.

Meeting outcomes include the establishment of a research network among UNU-EHS, LIPI and other international experts to enhance collaboration on joint research activities, including on socioeconomic pathways for climate change research. The meeting also resulted in three draft research proposals that contribute to the further enhancement of the collaboration between UNU-EHS and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

The meeting, which was co-organized by UNU-EHS and LIPI, took place in Bogor, Indonesia, from 12-16 July 2012. [UNU Press Release] [UNU-EHS Meeting Report]