UN/ISDR: Towards National Resilience: Good Practices of National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction

Towards National Resilience - Good practices of National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction July 2008: This publication, released by Secretariat of the

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR), responds to the need

for comprehensive multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral national coordinating

mechanisms to reduce, prevent and manage the impacts of natural hazards, as

expressed in, inter alia, the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 (HFA) which

emphasized the importance of setting up National Platforms for disaster risk

reduction (DRR).

At the First Consultative Meeting on National Platforms held

in Pretoria, South Africa, in October 2006, national representatives requested

the UN/ISDR Secretariat to document good practices of National Platforms for

DRR. This resulting publication contains nine country cases that illustrate

good practices on how to: engage in international exchange for mutual learning

and improvement of national disaster risk management (DRM) systems (China);

successfully decentralize DRR moving from national to local coordinating

mechanisms (Colombia); mobilize funds for DRR (Costa Rica); serve as the

national knowledge hub and organize international events for DRR (Germany);

establish and implement comprehensive national action plans for DRM (Iran and

Sri Lanka); successfully use National Platforms to prepare for hazardous events

through contingency planning (Madagascar); integrate DRR in national

development plans (Nigeria); and ensure multi-stakeholder coordination and

sustained commitment over a longer period (Switzerland). [The