UN/ISDR Calls for Smarter Water Management to Reduce Disaster Risks

24 August 2011: During World Water Week, the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR) called for increased investments in disaster-resilient infrastructure as well as smarter water management to avoid drought, floods and other water-related disasters, particularly in urban areas.

The Week took place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 21-27 August 2011. During a seminar on integrated urban flood management in the developing world, speakers focused on water-related disaster risks such as riverine floods, and rainfall and tidal induced flash floods, exacerbated by climate change. UN/ISDR also participated in a mayors' panel, which discussed the future of cities in the context of water, disaster risk and climate change, disaster risk management in urban water supply and sanitation in Latin America. [UN/ISDR Press Release]